KCA Artists now presenting...Rock My Soul!

KCA Artists is now presenting a new touring package coming out in Spring of 2015, supported by a national PBS pledge campaign entitled, "Rock My Soul," featuring the legendary Fairfield Four and The McCrary Sisters.  The show focuses on how the African American gospel experience influences every genre of music in America today. For everyone in the television audience the night of the "Rock My Soul" taping, there was no escaping it:  the music coming off the stage was absolutely stunning!  This historic piece will be presented  beginning next March and continuing through the end of 2015.

PBS will be airing the show to millions of arts supporters in March and April.  Guests on the show include: Lucinda Williams, Lee Ann Womack, Buddy Miller, Van Hunt and Amos Lee - with all guests sharing the stage with either The Fairfield Four or The McCrary Sisters.

The TV special is a musical performance with some documentary overtones and will be timed with the release of The Fairfield Four and The McCrary Sisters' new albums on March 10, 2015.  (Distribution by Thirty Tigers, Sony Red, and Provident.)

Shore Fire will publicize both the tour and album releases through 2015.  The tour package will not include the guest performers from the PBS special, but will feature The Fairfield Four a cappella and The McCrary Sisters with a four-piece band.


"But suddenly we got The Fairfield Four and The McCrary Sisters singing together in a row, with a range like an organ and sonic energy like a helicopter taking off... a stunning, core-shuddering sound that kept me dabbing my eyes."  

-Craig Havighurst, Bluegrass Situation - review of "Rock My Soul"

"The legacy of their group [The Fairfield Four] may be massive...  But last night, they summoned spirits through the most lasting, natural and convincing musical device of all - the human voice."  

- Walter Tunis, Lexington Herald-Ledger    


"When Ann, Deborah, Regina and Alfreda McCrary sing, there is no way - no matter your religious bent - not to be moved...The sisters have music in their blood and you can hear it in their passionate voices."  

- Jeff Schwachter, Atlantic City Weekly