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In September 2014, three songwriters met for the first time in a cafe in East Nashville. By the next morning they had put the finishing touches to their first song, “Applewood Road,” which they recorded live to tape at Nashville’s all analogue studio, Welcome to 1979.

The song’s nostalgic air, along with the clear, sparse arrangement of three vocals accompanied by double bass, drew immediate positive response, and they decided to expand the idea into a full album.

Six months later, they reconvened to write, rehearse and record songs for the self-titled album Applewood Road. The songs were again performed live around a single microphone at Welcome to 1979 and recorded to two-track tape with minimal accompaniment from some of Nashville’s finest session players, including Aaron Lee Tasjan, Josh DayFats Kaplin, Jabe Beyer, and Telisha Williams.

The tapes were assembled at London’s most exclusive high-end mastering suite, Gearbox Records, mastered through their vintage analogue outboard, and lacquers cut in-house on their own Haeco lathe.

Applewood Road is Emily Barker, Amber Rubarth and Amy Speace.



Members Emily Barker, Amber Rubarth and Amy Speace offer songs with arrangements so stripped down and bare, they nearly sounded a cappella — their three-part harmonies effortlessly floating through the room. The effect was reverent and powerful — think: Alison Krauss’ version of ‘Down to the River’ from the O Brother Where Art Thou?
— Nashville Scene
Musically the trio keep everything simple... but there’s a moreish magic to the harmonies of this country-folk trio that recalls the vintage appeal of the Everlys and the the Andrews.

— The Daily Telegraph



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